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We don't have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.

Brene Brown



Sometimes circumstances in life leave us feeling lost, hopeless, lacking clarity, and direction. I understand how difficult it can be to initiate first contact when seeking therapy. I believe that the first step is often the most challenging but your decision to show up today is half the battle. If you are here right now, I’m proud to know you’ve made it this far. Whether you are struggling to adjust to life transitions, motherhood, experiencing depression, anxiety, grief & loss, relationship conflict, or trauma, there is hope and things can improve. Allow me to guide you as we undertake this process together.

Areas of Specialty

Perinatal & Postpartum Wellness

Anxiety & Depression

Self-Esteem Issues

Life Transitions

Women’s Issues

About Me

About Me

Welcome and thank you for considering me in your wellness journey. My name is Feyi and I’m a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and psychotherapist with over 15 years  of experience providing therapy for women in California. My goal is to provide a safe and secure space for exploration, healing, and growth. I received my Bachelor’s in Social Work at California State University, Sacramento and a Masters in Social Work with a concentration in Health & Mental Health from San Jose State University.


I specialize in anxiety, depression, life transitions, women’s issues, and maternal mental health. I am certified in perinatal mental health and passionate about helping women navigate mental health in all stages of their perinatal period and postpartum (infertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting).



Individual Therapy for Women

Perinatal & Postpartum Wellness

Group Therapy

Workshops & Consultation


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